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The Archibald Prize
When art turns to sport, everybody watches.
The Archibald Prize is nerve wracking for artists, your beautifully painted entry will
get knocked back, year after year.
It is an exciting time, because just the chance to have your work hung
at the Art Gallery of NSW in an exhibition that has such a vast reach,
makes it all worth it.

Kelly Vincent MLC with the heads of state in the corridors of power
Archibald Prize Entry 2015
"Kelly Vincent MLC With the Heads of State in the Corridors of Power"
Oil on Linen 198cm High x 168cm Wide
By Megan Roodenrys
A Private Place in a Public Life
"A Private Place in a Public Life" 2014
Portait of Senator Penny Wong
Oil on Linen 182cm high x 137cm wide

"13:23 at the Memo"
Portrait of Professor David David
122cm x 102cm
A private place in a public life - Portrait of Senator Penny Wong


Portrait of Tobin Saunders


"Waiting For The Day" Megan's 2009 Finalist Painting
"Waiting For the Day" 2009
Portrait of Ben Cousins
Oil on Linen 167cm high x 200cm wide
Archibald Prize Finalist 2009

Megan and her well hung work