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Megan Roodenrys Artwork

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"Antheia" 2017
Oil on Board
46.5cm x 61cm 2017
"An Existential Crisis" 2017
Oil on Linen

"Ten Years On - London Bombing
Survivor, Gill Hicks - Peace Activist"
Oil on Linen 122 x 152 cm
Exhibiting at Adelaide Airport
  "Shadows" Oil on Canvas
   37 x 152cm
The Heritage Apartment
Port Lincoln
Rose INk
"Rose Ink" Graphite and Ink on Paper
102 x 77cm Richmond Road Studios
 "Cold Shoulder" Oil on Canvas
 20 x 25cm Richmond Road Studios
"My Brother's Rug" Pencil on 640gsm Arches Paper
"My Brother's Rug"
Pencil on 640 gsm Paper
69.5 x 120 cm Image

Richmond Road Studios, Adelaide 

"Looking Down" Oil on Canvas
40 x 30cm

"Green Fur" Oil on Canvas
20 x 20cm

Thin Chain
"Thin Chain" Oil on Linen
45 x 30cm Richmond Road Studios

"Second Valley Boy" Oil on Canvas
101 x 183cm Richmond Road Studios

 "Wisp" Oil on Board
  29 x 9cm

"Kelly Vincent MLC with the Heads of State in the Corridors of Power"
Oil on Belgian Linen 198cm x 168cm

"A Private Place in a Public Life"
Oil on Linen - Finalist, Portia Geach Memorial
Portrait Prize 2014
Currently exhibiting at The Adelaide Airport

"Cotton Sheet" Oil on
Canvas 20 x 20 cm
Richmond Road Studios

Rose Mask
"Rose Mask"
Graphite on 600gsm watercolour paper 40 x 40 cm

Tidal Pool
"Tidal Pool" 2010
Oil on Linen
121 x 101 cm
Roses and My"The Roses" Graphite
on 600 gsm watercolour paper
40 x 40 cm

"Nasturtiums" Graphite on Paper
40 x 40cm
Dirty Feet - Graphite on Paper
"Dirty Feet" Graphite on Arches 640gsm paper
Silkwater, Oil on Canvas by Megan Roodenrys
"Silkwater" 2012
Oil on Canvas 137 x 122cm
Richmond Road Studios, Adelaide

"Black Water" 2011
Oil on Linen 102 x 122 cm
Portrait of Professor David David
"13:22 at the Memo -
Professor David David at work" Oil on linen
122 x 102cm
Richmond Road Studios, Adelaide
Ivory Silk
Ivory Silk Series 2009
Oil on Linen 137 x 122 cm
Watercolour on Arches 640gsm Paper
100 x 100 cm

"Winter Branches"
"Winter Branches"
Graphite on Arches 640 gsm paper

  "Thousand Count Sheets"
"Thousand Count Sheets"
Graphite on Arches 640gsm paper
Richmond Road Studios, Adelaide
The Roses and Linen Series

My Roses and Linen Series
Oil on Linen 137 x 122 cm

"The Nasturtiums"

"The Nasturtiums"
Oil on LInen 137 x 122cm 
"Sleaford Mere"
"Sleaford Mere"
Oil on Linen
167 x 122 cm
Eyre Peninsula Series

The Eyre Peninsula Series
Oil and wax on Linen
152 x 122 cm 
"Red Pinstripe" Oil on Linen 38 x 56cm
"Red Pinstripe"
Oil on Linen
38 x 56 cm
Tabriz Series        Nasturtiums Series
The Tabriz and Nasturtiums Series      
Ink and Oil on Linen                               
77 x 137 cm each
"Sleaford Cliffs Daybreak"
"Sleaford Cliffs Daybreak"
Oil on Canvas
76 x 62 cm
"Grey Velvet" Oil on Linen 56x38cm

"Grey Velvet"
Oil on Linen
56 x 38cm
 "Sleaford Waves am"

"Sleaford Waves am"
Oil on Linen
137 x 91 cm
The Afternoon Series

The Afternoon Series
Graphite on Arches 640 gsm Paper 90 x 90 cm
Kensington Gallery
 Past Works

The Dubai Cushion Series "Leo" "Two Thirty PM" "The Afternoon" "Facing The Demons" "West Coast Day Break"  

The Dubai Cushion Series
Oil and ink on
Sealed Paper
72 x 52 cm

Watercolour and
Oil Glazes on Paper
99 x 76 cm

"Two Thirty PM"
Oil and Ink on sealed paper 
27 x 44 cm
Richmond Road Studios

"The Afternoon"
Oil and
24 Carat Gold Leaf on Canvas
100 x 100 cm

"Facing The Demons"
Oil on Linen
152 x 123 cm
Richmond Road Studios
"West Coast Day Break"
Oil and Ink in Paper
153 x 104 cm Image Size
Richmond Road Studios
"The Handmirror"

"The Handmirror"
Oil on Canvas
152 x 121 cm
"She Dreams Of Colour"

"She Dreams Of Colour"
Watercolour and Oil Glazes

On Arch
es 640 gsm
watercolour paper
150 x 100 cm


"On Reflection - Thoughts"
Watercolour and Gouache
on Paper
Lost in Magnolia

"Lost in Magnolia"
Graphite and Watercolour
on Paper
Pivotal Gallery,
"Day Sleeper 1"

"Day Sleeper 1"
Oil on Canvas
137 x 112 cm

The Tabriz Series

The Tabriz Series
Ink and Oil on Paper
72 x 52 cm

"Saltwater Man"
Andrew McLeod
Oil on Linen
Newspaper Article: 27th July 2008
"Waiting For The Day" 2009 Archibald Prize Finalist

"Waiting For The Day"
2009 Archibald Prize Finalist
Oil on Linen 200 x 167 cm
The Archibald Exhibition 2009

Thankyou to the American Australian Association for awarding Megan funding from the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund which assists Australian Artists to establish themselves in the United States.
"Aaron at Leighton"
"Aaron at Leighton" - Aaron Sandilands
2009 Black Swan Portrait Prize Finalist
Oil on Linen
183 x 101 cm
Richmond Road Studios

Megan is available for fine art portraiture and commissions.

Click here to view Megan's recent commissions.


"Manu" Watercolour
Charcoal on paper

Richmond Road Studios
Ben Cousins Watercolour Ben Cousins Watercolour Build Up "Day Sleeper"
A series of portraits studying Ben Cousins

"Ivory Tower" "Do You Dream In Colour?" "Touch" "Thoughts Aligned" Rose Lace

"Rose Lace" 
Charcoal, Watercolour,
Pen & Ink on paper 37x57cm
"Saturnia pyri" "Cloud Swept" "Fur Collar For Moths" "Twins"

Limited Editions
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Megan Roodenrys also produces limited edition dry points.
Dry point print making is easily recognisable with slightly fuzzy lines which it leaves on the paper.
The process involves firstly scratching a design onto a polished copper plate using a sharp hard needle.
This throws up a rough ridge of metal (the burr) along the incised line which is the source of many of the dry points' advantages as well as its problems. The burr holds the ink as well as the line of the groove itself. This makes it suitable for creating rich velvety areas of tone. When the print is transferred to paper, the typical fuzzy dry point lines are left behind. Unfortunately the burr is very fragile, wearing down quickly in the printing press. This is why only few copies are possible and explains the limited editions of Megan's work in this area, often less than 15.
As result, the prints hold their value and are an investment in themselves.

Sybille "Sybille" 20x20cm Rose
"Rose" 30 x 22cm
 59 x 43cm 
34 x 29 cm
Susiana - also available as dry point original 
Rose And Dove
"Rose and Dove"
59 x 54 cm

59 x 43 cm