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Bronwen Roodenrys-Mills


"Frangi and the Tiger"

60 x 60cm


acrylic on canvas beads

"A tiger or two"

100 x76cm


acrylic on canvas

"Tiger togs"

60 x40cm


acrylic on paper with beading

"Suukyi and the noisy minors"

75 x 75cm

acrylic on canvas with beading 


"Lottie and the japanese screen"

75 x75cm

acrylic on canvas beads


"Ginger and Jasmine tea"
75 x 75cm
acrylic on canvas with beading


"the pearl necklace"
75 x75cm
acrylic on canvas with beading

"poppies and robin"
90 x 60 cm
acrylic on canvas with beads

"Dollar Days"

60 x50cm

giclee on paper or canvas


Bronwen is a visual artist who has made silk-screen print, Illustrated children's books, carved soapstone, produced trompe-lóeil by glazing and firing tiles, mosaics, and garden sculptures etc. But mainly, acrylic paintings on paper and canvas.

Bronwen began painting in a naive style to include and entertain her children and herself in our shared love of the menagerie of animals and birds they kept in the garden.

Bronwen often paints tigers, big cats and luscious ladies in beautiful gardens and other exotic, or colorful places. The paintings hint at our untamed secret natures. These paintings of femmes and felines also include images of her Burmese and Siamese cats.

Bronwen has always been intrigued by stories from India and Indochina. She inherited tiger claw jewelry from her grandmother, a souvenir of the Imperial Raj but for Bronwen tigers are benign pussycats.

Bronwen has lived in Adelaide for the past 30 years exhibiting locally and interstate. Her artwork is in collection in SA, throughout Australia and overseas and includes commissions of homes and gardens.

Bronwen's art is an idiosyncratic mix. The sophisticated naivety, that she enjoys expressing in paint. Never serious, whimsical art that will bring a smile to the viewer's face.

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